Valley Tour

The backstory: The mera mera librarian coordinators of PSJA, Mission, and McAllen school districts got together to sponsor 3 weeks of quince presentations. yeah 3 weeks of 3-4 presentations per day.  I love the rio grande valley.
Let me count some of the ways:
students at PSJA, MIssion, and McAllen rock!
san juan middle and high school has the most awesome mariachi band.
i’m not the only girl who likes to wear a quince dress around school
downtown mcallen is quincelandia. the only place on earth where you can throw yourself a quince for under a hundred bucks!

library coordinators rock!
librarians off the hook. A couple of them actually brought their own quince dresses (from the 80s) to the show! next time i will try to convince a couple to actually wear them. ha!
tons of great storytellers in the valley! lots of research potential.
texas style barbeque
shot out to the librarians in edinburg and dona. thanks for being great comadres!
gift baskets!
all my new myspace friends.
the beans con bacon that turned this vegetarian into a raging carnivore.
material for my next book…