New Projects…

It’s been several months since the release of book four in the Border Town series (No Second Chances). I have my first middle school presentation back in March in Salinas, California. The girls loved El Charro Negro and were asking for the continuation of Alexis’s love story. Next week, I’ll be visiting another school in South Texas. I am curious to see what the teens in Texas think about Border Town. 

Now, it’s back to my hot pink laptop. I’m working on a new piece. Well, it’s actually an old piece that was partly inspired by youth I’ve met while on the author circuit and my own experiences as a teacher in San Francisco. It’ll be my first novel that takes place in my hometown.

The idea: A young 12-year old girl comes home to find her mother missing. Soon she learns that there was an ICE raid at her mother’s job. Fearing the worse, the girl tries desperately to locate her mother while staying under the radar of her school teachers, the landlord, and social worker. Things take a turn for the worse when she must flee her home and with no place to go, she sneaks into her middle school. Will she get caught? Will she be turned over to social services? What will happen to her mother? Stay tuned.