New Book Series

Just when I thought my writing career was over, I got a call in the middle of the night. I had just been laid off from a great job working with low income families and teaching them how to grow their own food in their backyards. I was sad, broke, and unsure of my next move. But then there was that call…

“Hey Malin, how’s it going?” The book agent asked.
“I’m Okay.” I lied.
“Are you busy right now?”
“Not really,” I said, trying to sound nonchalant. An agent calling me! This had to be BIG, I thought.
“I have this book project that I think you’d be perfect for…”

And that’s how the Border Town series was born. It turned out that the agent was right. The project was perfect for me. Now six months later, I’ve completed three books in the series. It’s been a writing whirlwind. I am so grateful to all my friends for helping me these past few months. Thanks for sharing your homes, stories, and food with me.

I have one more book to write before the end of the year.

Book 1 release date: May 2012 (English edition) and July 2012 (Spanish edition).